Education Programs

Student Adoption Programme


The Student Adoption Program started since 1990 with the aim to provide financial and emotional support for the students present and future education. We consistently offer scholarships, free education and tuition classes as per CARE selection criteria. Medical facilities to students, part time jobs for college students so that they study and support their family.
The Only qualifications required for a scholarship from the foundation are enthusiasm and willingness for hard work. The Financial and emotional support will promptly follow, poor but deserving students from class 9 with atleast 65% aggregate marks are selected for scholarships through interviews and home visits. They are then monitored right through their SSC exams and meritorious students get help till graduation. This is one of the most successful projects with about 125 students moving on to grater things in life, every year. In fact many of them study even further and several have joined companies like Reliance and L &T.

Jr. KG to Std. IXStd. XJunior CollegeDegree College Engineering / Medical etc.

Scholarship Classes

Study Classes (1997 – 2008) It was initiated for students that are weak in studies. Periodic tests are conducted followed by proper guidance to perform better. Regular feedbacks were taken by organizing parents meeting, which concluded that the classes were useful and productive for student development.

Scholarship Classes
The Scholarship Classes are structured for student from 4th to 8th class. We have consistently provided NGO and Student welfare organizations with financial assistance hoping for the development of the youth that strive for education. Several one day workshops are conducted periodically for scholarship students of all Municipal schools in Mulund.

Balwadi (1997 – 2008) We started Balwadi for Gujrati children (Age 3 to 5 years). The children are gathered from the slums in Mulund, they are motivated to attend these classes with gifts such as slates, pencils, tiffin boxes, etc.

Competitions (1997 – 2008) Competitions such as Handwriting, Singing, and pledge competition are organized to bring out the talents in every student.

Incentive Scheme (1997 – 2008) This scheme was initiated to reduce the absenteeism in Municipal School. The students who are present in the school for the whole week are given incentives such as pencils, erasers, pencil box, and many more. This program has successfully motivated and increased the attendance to 90 to 95 percent of the students.
We also conducted surveys or Home Visits of students who were not attending school regularly. Survey results concluded, few students shifted to their native, few were admitted to other school, few started working, few refused to study and few had household responsibilities.

Primary Education For the Children of
Construction workers


It was started since 18th September 2001, the aim is to provide basic education to the children of construction workers. After that students are admitted to the Municipal schools. Various extra curricular activities are conducted in this school like drawing, craft, flowere making, etc. To motivate the student for the education and increasing the literacy level in Mumbai, we offer incentive in form of stationary, books and other useful material who attend school regularly and this remarkably increased the attendance, almost 90 – 95 percent attendance was experienced.
There are schools organized for the construction workers, approximately 75 children are benefited from through this initiative. Once the basic education is provided to them, CARE helps them to get admission in the Municipal schools. The activities that carried out are flower making, craft and drawing.

Summer Camp for Slum Children


Every year CARE organizes a summer camp from 15th April to 31st May . This camp is for the children of age group (5-15years). The various activities conducted in summer camp are:
1. prayer and Yoga
2. Music and dance
3. Story telling
4. Drawing and Craft
5. Best out of waste
6. Musical chair, Antakshari, fancy dress competition
7. Sports
8. General knowledge Quiz, Drawing, handwriting, Essay competition
9. Awareness about cleanliness, hygiene and environment
10.One day picnic
11.Cultural programs and exhibition of the things made by the children.

Balwadi Teachers Training

“ To train the teachers to make the students understand the concepts through Play way method ”

Teachers & helpers made ten different card games with which they can teach various concepts like Alphabets, numbers,Colours,Shapes,Birds Animals,etc. to the Children. They can enjoy the game and learn the concepts very easily.

Library and Reading Room


It was started in March 2003, while conducting home visits of the students, we found that many students do not have proper place to study. They could not concentrate on their studies due to small rooms, noise, family problems, etc. So we decided to give them a place where they can study without any disturbance. The books that are available in the library are text books, reference books, dictionaries, newspapers, etc.
Most of our students in the SAP are from the slums and chawls. They experience several problem to study such as small rooms, noise pollution, etc. this concept initiated when one of our students told us that they could not concentrate on his studies at home and requested if we could provide a room to study. This aroused the thought of starting a library and reading room in 2002. It started with one student and currently atleast 50 students come to study. The Library and reading room is accessible 7 days a week for free of cost; it does not involve any registration or membership fee. We have students from the field of Engineering, Medical, CA and many more, take advantage of this opportunity.