Student Adoption Programme

Rajashree Shetty ,M.Com, Inter CA


“What I am today”, is majorly because of CARE Foundation. I would have left or postponed my studies, if this foundation was not there. Not only the financial but also the emotional support and timely suggestions of personnel helped me to do better. Timely finance and guidance has given me the opportunity to expose the talent and interest to satisfy my hunger for studies.

Manish Makwana (Librarian at CARE Foundation) TY.Bcom


I am grateful to CARE Foundation for their consistent support both financially and psychologically. To me CARE has been a guardian throughout my educational career. I wish, “ Day by day in every way CARE Foundation propel in their social activities.”

Nandini K.Dakua, MBA


CARE Foundation has financially supported me and my family. My father was the only earning member in the family, there was very less possibility for further education due to financial constraints. I have gained a lot from the scholarships right from School and also the support offered during the education loan for pursuing an MBA. I am grateful to CARE Foundation for helping me so much.

Arjun Shashikant Mishra, Electronics and Tele Communication Engineer

I would like to thank CARE foundation from the bottom of my heart for their support which they provided me. It was difficult to just think of becoming an engineer, since I belong to a lower middle class family. The scholarship offered by CARE has made my parents dream come true of becoming an engineer. I would never forget their support in my entire life.

Health Programs

Shri.Balkrishna Raghunath Gade ( Patient )

We prefer to go to Smt.Nirmaladevi Sardarmal Jain Charitable hospital because we receive very good treatment at affordable rates. The consulting, operations and bed charges are so reasonable that a common man can afford the treatment. The hospital is clean and well maintained; the staff takes good care of their patients which gives them an experience of homely environment during their treatment in the hospital.

Mayur Manohar More ( Patient )

I met with an accident and was admitted in a civil hospital. The doctors told me that they would amputate my injured finger. I was tensed and could not think of amputating my finger. A Staff of Smt.Nirmaladevi Sardarmal Jain Charitable hospital referred me to a doctor in the same hospital. It was miracle to me after the surgery; the doctor saved my finger from getting it amputated. This was one of the most memorable incidents in my life, and this experience proved that the hospital is well equipped with highly skilled doctors. Since then we visit the hospital for any health related problems and always experience good co operation of the doctors and staff in the hospital.

Mrs.Susheela Minigula ( Staff )

I was working in Smt.Nirmaladevi Sardarmal Jain Charitable hospital as maid. I spoke to our trustee regarding the nursing course, she not only encouraged me to do the course but also provided financial help. After completing the nursing course I joined the hospital as Nurse. My children are good at studies, CARE foundation made the arrangements so that they can take the benefit of the extra coaching. As I am a heart patient, CARE gives me medicines every month, I receive classes fees, books for my 3 children from CARE foundation. We are thankful to CARE foundation for all the care and support.

Seema Samkutty ( Staff )

I am working with Smt.Nirmaladevi Sardarmal Jain Charitable hospital for the last 15 years. My honesty and dedication has helped me to constantly contribute my best to this organization. I had lots to learn all this year. Now by the grace of God I am in a position to impart my knowledge and experiences to others. I have to thank this organization who has helped me in my difficulties. I have experienced several situations where I was the only earning member in the family. It has helped me thick and thin. During all these years I have developed a good relationship with my patients and colleagues. I would also like to thank few doctors of the organization for their consistent support.

Women Empowerment

Priyanka Kandekar, Mehendi and Beauty Parlour


When I came to CARE Foundation the first time, they gave information about all the courses conducted by them. I was interested in learning Mehendi and Beauty Parlour Courses. Presently, I have completed these two courses, work full time for a beauty parlour and sometimes take orders and work independently. CARE Foundation has helped me to stand on my own feet and has changed my life completely.

Ashwini Bhawar, Mehendi and Beauty Parlour


When I came to know about CARE Foundation, I took admission for the Mehendi and Beauty Parlour course. While completing the course, I worked part time and after completing the entire course, got a job in a beauty parlour with the reference of CARE foundation. CARE Foundation has completely changed my life and made my future bright.

Chandrika Parmar, Tailoring


When I came to know about the tailoring classes run by CARE foundation, I immediately enrolled for the course. I was benefitted through these stitching classes. Currently, I stitch clothes for my family as well earn some money stitching clothes for others.