Health Care Programs

Smt. NirmalaDevi Sardarmal Jain Charitable
Medical Centre & Hospital


Smt. Nirmaladevi Sardarmal Jain Charitable Medical Center was established and is operationed since July 1992 with the motto 'service with a smile'. The medical centers offer, 'Best treatment at very affordable rates.' The centers are technologically well equipped with latest medical instruments, for multiple departments such as dispensaries, O.P.D's, full-fledged Pathology Laboratory, Radiology, Physiotherapy and Homeopathy. We have doctors from faculties ie physicians, surgeons, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, E.N T Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Urology, and many more. Every year almost 60,000 to 70,000 patients benefit through our medical center. We also provide free treatment to very poor patients.
With such good response and increasing patients for various treatments at the medical center enlightened the thought of expanding the small medical center to a Hospital that would be a one stop destination to treat and cure multiple diseases. As a result Smt. Nirmaladevi Sardarmal Jain Charitable Hospital was established in 1994. Initially the hospital could accommodate patients for 24 beds only. The aim is to help people that cannot afford long term and expensive treatments at very affordable rates.
The hospital has full-fledged operation theatre and Medical store for storage of medicines. The hospital includes a Male and Female ward. The hospital provides treatment to atleast 150 patients per day visit. Approximately 5-6 operations are conducted on a daily basis, 200 patients per month come to the laboratory for various tests, 1500 patients per month come for X Ray and 200 patients per month for Sonography. Spectacles and frames are available at very affordable rates in the hospital. We also conduct free medical check-up camps in various communities.

Projects Co-ordinated


The co-ordination also works towards rehabilitating families with one or more members affected by AIDS, by providing books to the children, educating people about AIDS management and conducting Hepatitis-B camps.