Our Vision

To create a humane and a sustainable society by being able to reach out and bring joy in the lives of the people who are in despair. To provide them a window of hope that all has not ended, to demonstrate that ‘WE CARE’ and help them not only to overcome their obstacles, to live in dignity and pride but also to attain the fullest development of their personalities, thereby also contributing to the growth and development of our country.

Our Mission

  • To open the door of opportunity to the children who are deprived of quality education due to lack of financial resources, providing them the necessary monetary aid or teaching assistance, thereby empowering them to channelize their future to achieve a successful career in their lives.

  • To run one of the finest medical centres with state-of-the-art medical equipments rendering medical care to the poor at nominal charges.

  • To empower women with skills that will provide them with an opportunity to be self-employed or employable thereby achieving self-reliance.